What we do?


At Ceptra we believe in taking the bull by the horns. That’s why we love finding solutions to the problems that others overlook. We apply our technical expertise to build products that tackle the challenges faced by the businesses and their customers.


“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old” – Peter F. Drucker

Innovation makes the core of Ceptra. We are the trend setters, Our team is dedicated to bringing new ideas to the market, transforming the way businesses run.


At Ceptra we understand our responsibility towards the community. We strive to create solutions that help make people’s life easier. Our solutions will always focus to help make lives easier and happier with technology.

Know more about us

Our First Product

Our team is working hard to get our first product out of the door. We are expected to start with a very small group of customers and then scale it (nation wide). Want to know what is the product are we talking about?  Stay tuned, This space will have more updates soon.

Our product will be an opportunity for the CPGs to connect directly to the customers. Our product will provide us knowledge about our customers’ buying habits and will help CPGs to create targeted campaigns and access key information about who is buying what. If you are a CPG want to know more about this please contact us.